Sunday, May 25, 2008

Working Through a Plateau

Three months ago, I trained a gentleman for three sessions. When I ran into him recently, he wanted to know why he was not yet seeing a difference in his muscularity.

I asked him what he had been doing since our sessions. He said he was doing the same workout as the one I originally showed him with only one variation: he added a little weight to each exercise.

For him — and for those of you reaching a plateau — here is one way to break through.

After three months, the exercises become easy because of muscle memory, which is ease of movement through practice and repetitions as well as getting new muscle fibers involved in your practice of weight training.

Now we're ready for the second step in bodybuilding: add enough weight where you can reach only six repetitions. Do four sets of each exercise. When you work your way back to 12-15 repetitions, add more weight. The most important factor is that the last couple of repetitions in each set should be very difficult. But be careful — be sure to maintain form and, if the weight feels at all clumsy, drop down a little bit in weight. Safety always comes first.

This should help you work through your lulls. Happy lifting!

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