Sunday, October 19, 2008


Second in a series

In this blog, we are talking about supplements -- specifically, Hydroxycut.

I took Hydroxycut according to the instructions on the bottle, and I found that this product definitely raised my metabolism. I was so hungry 24/7 that on more than one occasion I thought I would eat my sneakers and socks. (My children will attest to what a hazard that would have been.)

I did not lose weight while using this product, but I discovered it does deliver on part of its claim. My workouts were a bit stronger. Hydroxycut did raise my metabolism -- enough to where I had a hard time balancing my calorie needs. I needed to eat more because my metabolism was in overdrive, but had I eaten as much as I had an appetite to, I would have gained weight.

While increased metabolism might seem like a good thing, the side effects can be a problem. Increased metabolism can increase a person's blood pressure and resting heart rate. I did not have these issues, but because these side effects could happen even to a healthy person, a trip to the physician before taking Hydroxycut is advised. (Frankly, visiting your physician before starting any new exercise program, diet or supplement program is strongly advised.)

A woman I work with swears by Hydroxycut, saying she said she has lost weight in a hurry while using it.

Bottom line: don't look for miracles. This product isn't that good. It may assist you in losing weight, but check with your physician. With as much as this product raises metabolism, blood pressure and heart issues may be a concern.

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