Friday, May 1, 2009

Label Education

While shopping with Chris at Trader Joe's, I stopped to look at the canned tuna fish on the shelf.

The Trader Joe brand was lower in sodium and higher in protein than most name-brand manufacturers.

Some of the larger manufacturers of tuna, pre-cook there tuna before canning it. Salt is then added in the process. There is 250 mg of sodium and 13g of protein in a six ounce can of Bumblebee tuna packed in water.

In contrast, Trader Joe's solid white tuna in water has 16g of protein and 45 mg of sodium. The package touts "no salt added."

No matter how healthy you think you are eating, you should always check the nutrition labels ("nutrition facts") to make sure you are getting the best product available.

Also, compare the labels of different brands of the same product because they can contain very different amounts of the same ingredients.

Chris always checks the labels to make sure there are no hidden ingredients. She is constantly amazed at what has meat products in it, like most Hostess products. (Vegetable and/or animal shortening, anyone?)

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