Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chi-Developing Exercises

When you practice Tai Chi, if you can complete the form with good flow consistently but your not aware of chi flow, here are a couple of hints to better chi cultivation.

  • It’s all in the breath. Breathe deep. Expand and contract your abdomen with each breath. Expanding only your lungs does not provide enough inner flow through your entire system.
  • Visualize your energy. Be mindful of the direction in which you move. This will help guide your chi.
  • Stay rooted to the ground. With each step, be gentle -- but be rooted before taking the next step.
  • Stay loose. Chi flow is limited when joints tense. Keep your shoulders down, elbows down and knees slightly bent.
  • Practice breathing while standing in wu chi position. Practice getting to five minutes, then increase time as you can. This gives you the time to truly relax so you can feel the energy.
  • Practice with a partner. "Push hands" is a valuable tool for building sensitivity.

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