Monday, December 10, 2007

Amusing Anecdote

A couple of months ago, Chris and I went for a chiropractor session. I had a brief discussion with my chiropractor Dr. Kowarski about how, when exercising the lower back, exaggerating a back extension posture can cause the back to go out of alignment. He and I were in total agreement that exercise of this kind needs to be approached cautiously.

While I was working out at the gym, I noticed a young guy working on this particular movement. He was using a very exaggerated range of motion — and a slight twist to try to work his obliques as well.

Being an employee of the gym and a personal trainer, I try to look out for everyone's well-being, so I approached this young man. I said, "It may be wise to not exaggerate that movement," as per the discussion I had with Dr. Kowarski.

I added, "If you want a second opinion and know a chiropractor, please ask for yourself."

His reply: "I already have a chiropractor."

I thought to myself, "Obviously."

See what I mean? Always pay attention to proper body mechanics.

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