Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Keeping the Holiday Pounds at Bay

These are the times that try men's souls: the Christmas holidays.

It starts with the gorgefest of Thanksgiving and doesn't end until all of the Christmas cookies are eaten at work some time in January. Most people waddle off with a few extra pounds during this relatively short period.

It's not difficult. Between the fudge and cookies at work, the different holiday candy and fruitcakes (hey, my mom makes a good one!) and the "just one!" egg nog, the challenge is fitting into those cute Christmas clothes after the holidays.

So here are a few tips that should be easy to follow:
  • Take the stairs when you can — every step you walk is calories burned.
  • Drink water and other low- or no-calorie beverages with or between meals, so you can save your calories for the food.
  • Keep at treat a "treat" — limit the snacks in which you indulge (and stick to it: only one cookie before lunch, etc.).
  • Indulge at only one meal, rather than three (or four) meals a day.
  • When attending a party, eat healthy at home beforehand, so you're less apt to go straight for the dessert table.
  • When you plan to attend a party, eat lighter during the rest of the day to keep your total calorie intake at a reasonable level.
  • Try to get your exercise in early in the day — it's out of the way before the partying begins and you have no real excuses.
  • If you're throwing the party, give away the leftovers — your guests will love you because they came to eat your world-class fudge — er, enjoy your company
What tips have you used to help keep the holiday pounds at bay? Leave your tips in the "Comment" section to help the rest of us!

- Chris

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