Wednesday, January 2, 2008

For M.C.

Sorry this took so long to write, MC, but here ya go.

Any time people go on a diet or start an exercise regime they almost always see results immediately. More times than not, however, they are going to plateau.

Here are a few key ingredients to lose that stubborn weight:
  1. Add weight training. This is the only true way to change the shape of your body. Weight training also allows your body to burn more calories for an extended period of time after you lift.
  2. On the days you do lift, lift before you do your cardio. This will allow your body to get to the fat burning stage of your cardio workout faster. Remember: it's really about a calorie balance. If you take in less than you burn, you have to lose weight. I also want to add: while you are at a heavier weight, the workout load is more intense. As you lose weight, the activity becomes easier -- hence the plateau.
  3. On all cardio workout days, be sure to add interval training. For example, while jogging, take a minute or two every quarter- or half-mile and add a sprint for a minute or two. This burns more visceral fat.
  4. This is for MC's friend: for your special medical concerns, be sure to drink extra fluids to stay hydrated. Also, do not run outside when the temperature drops to the 30s to preventexcessive (and possibly dangerous) dryness in your eyes and mouth.
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