Thursday, April 17, 2008

Growning Older, Staying Fit With a Personal Trainer

As we grow older, we need to continue exercising on a regular basis for many reasons, including to:
  • keep metabolism consistent for weight control

  • sustain bone density

  • preserve movement functionality

  • build muscular strength and endurance
Many insurance companies now provide reduced rates for gym memberships to clients whose employees are members of a gym or fitness center.

This was very well received. Consequently, the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), which provides insurance supplement for seniors, began offering discounted services for personal trainers through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

I can tell you with authority (as the employee of two gyms) that AARP's rates are less expensive than those found in most fitness centers. ACE is a nationally accredited organization with thousands of accredited personal trainers nationwide, so it's easy to find a trainer nearby who can help you stay fit and reach the fitness goals you set.

Click here to let AARP help you find an ACE-certified personal trainer near you.


afistinthefrill said...

hey dad and chris!

completely off-topic from this post, but it would be super if you guys could do a blog about low-impact (but still very effective) exercises for the may have even already done one and i missed it, i'm not sure.

florida is just 2 months away, gotta tighten up! :)

- valster

Chris said...

Valerie, you will rue the day you mentioned this to your dad. He has been concocting different ways to torture his Pilates class, and let's just say the ab workouts are his special "treat."

Having said that, it's a great idea. Thank you!
- Chris