Friday, September 12, 2008

Great exercise

After seeing negative stuff at the gym all day, usually I come home and blog about it. So today for a change I want to tell you about something I saw that was really worthwhile.

There is a young guy who works out at one of the gyms I work at. He too worked at this gym at one time. I watched him do a great variation of an old exercise.

Normally, you would hold a dumbbell and curl it to the inside (in front of your chest) in order to work the lateral head of the bicep. This is a great exercise for getting better definition between the middle deltoid and the bicep.

Try this variation next time you are in the gym, and let me know what you think:
  • Take a the double-braided rope with the knobs on the end (usually used for tricep extensions or tricep pulldowns) and place it on the bottom of a cable cross machine.
  • Pull up, then out, at the top of the movement.

Training a muscle from all angles is extremely important to be fit and have great definition.

This particular exercise may be off the beaten path, but it may be the odd angle you have been looking for.

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