Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Okay, You Have Gotta Be Kidding

I am still in shock, and I am not sure where to begin.

Finally I have seen the worst, most dangerous variation of an exercise to date.

Picture this if you will: There is a young lady on a stair stepper machine (not a stair climber; those are much wider). She is holding a 30 pound barbell on her shoulders.

First of all, the balancing act on the machine with a barbell is unsafe enough, but to make matters worse there is a person to her right and her left. If she had fallen, she would have definitely taken someone else out with her.

Depending how you use this machine, you can be anywhere from three to eight inches off the floor. This doesn't sound very high -- however, turn your ankle the wrong way, keep your hands full and add weight to your shoulders and you are heading for disaster.

Now let's add a couple of people around you, and you get the picture.

C'mon, people -- please use your heads when working out. Ask yourself: is what I am doing safe? Is it safe for others in my immediate vicinity?

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