Saturday, December 27, 2008

Supplements: Glutamine

Sixth in a series

If you are considering using supplements, make sure to conduct thorough research before beginning your new regimen.

I recently read an article about glutamine in the magazine Fitness Management that adds interesting information to our discussion on supplements.

Written by exercise physiologist and dietary supplement investigator Joe Cannon, "Meet the Experts: Supplement FAQs" (Fitness Management, August 2008), reveals how glutamine is used for healing.

Cannon, who also is a personal trainer, noted that glutamine is used to speed up recovery after an intense workout. Clinical studies have proven this to be true. What you need to be aware of, according to Cannon, is that clinical tests use injections to deliver the glutamine to the test subjects.

It's time to do some research:
  • What is the concentration difference between the injections and supplement powders?
  • Is there a difference between oral delivery versus an injection?
If you have some thoughts on this subject or can shed some light, please let us know.

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