Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fitness Gear Gift Ideas

Active friends and family members are easy to shop for this holiday season. Here are a few gift ideas for the fitness fan in your life (with some help from the Seattle Times).

Hula Hoop — Never underestimate the power of play. Hula-hoops tone your thighs, hips, glutes and arms. There are plenty of routines on the Internet, including one from Real Simple, you can use to mix it up and make it fun. Hoops are not that expensive, and you can even take them with you when you travel and work out with the Hoopnotica TravelHoops.

Fitness classes — What do you want to achieve? There's a class that can help you get there: check the nearby community center, city recreation program, gym or nearby college. Nia provides relaxation and liber movements. Tai chi improves flexibility, oils joints and tones muscles. Get some aerobic action and lose weight with help from Zumba or spinning. Tone up with Pilates. For an added bonus, take the class, too: it's more fun with a companion.

Insanity — Stay home and get fit. The fitness company Beachbody offers a number of fitness programs, including Chris' personal favorite, Insanity. She and I have spent plenty of time with Shaun T. and his crew. Our fitness level and strength are demonstrably better after only a few weeks of diligent work with the crew. Other BeachBody programs include PX-90, Hip Hop Abs and Brazil Beach Butt. Choose the one they'll stick with, or let them choose.

Personal training package —Learn better, newer and fresher way to achieve your fitness goals with a professional. Even a few sessions can make a difference, and many gyms and fitness centers offer specials around the holidays. Choose your trainer carefully and be sure to communicate: talk openly, listen and be ready to try something new and different.

Tell us about some gifts you've received that have helped you meet your fitness goals or just made it more fun to work out.

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