Monday, August 27, 2012

Shaping Up with Social Media

What tools do you use to get in shape? How about a keyboard and monitor?

People are using their computers for nearly everything these days, from address books to maps, from books to stereos. So the use of computers for fitness isn't a surprise.

Which computers, however, is a situation that's evolving: tablets, e-readers, smartphones, laptops  — there's a style and brand for everyone. I use a laptop and tablet. Chris uses a Kindle, laptop and BlackBerry. You might have an Android or iPhone.

Fitness enthusiasts can Get in Shape With David from many sources, available both on mobile devices and the Web.

If you already use any of these social media, be sure to connect with me, too:

Now, don't worry: information is shared between the resources. You'll see the videos on Twitter and Facebook, too, and graphics from Pinterest will show up on the blog and other social media. In all likelihood, you won't miss something because you read only one or two resources.

If you're there already, invite your friends to join us.

Finally, please feel free to leave comments and share information on these resources. When we share, we all learn.

See you — not only in the gym, but on the Web.

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