Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Know Your Body Type
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Know your body type to tailor your fitness program to fit your goals.

Angelo Poli offers some important questions to help you determine this information for yourself in his Huffington Post article, "Three Steps to Selecting the Right Fitness Plan:"

  • Ectomorph: Are you small-framed with longer arms and legs, prone to accumulating fat in your mid section but not your legs? Can you wrap your thumb and middle finger around your wrist and easily touch your fingertips together, even overlap?
  • Mesomorph: Did you have an athletic build in high school? Not too skinny or stocky, you know, the Goldilocks zone, just right? You set some athletic records in high school and still think of yourself as an athlete even though you've gotten a little soft around the middle?
  • Endomorph: Were you were bigger and stronger than most the kids in grade school, but running was never your thing? By high school, you already began equating the word "metabolism" with various profanities.

Talk with your trainer about how your body type affects your workout and diet. 

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