Thursday, September 19, 2013

Step Up to the Calorie Counter: Fried Oatmeal

What does one do with leftover oatmeal? Apparently, fry it. At least, that's the suggestion from Lucy's Morsels, and it sounds like a recipe to be tested with this oatmeal-loving family.

Choose healthy oils and fresh toppings and you'll have a tasty option for breakfast that will encourage even the most ardent of meal-skippers to make time for breakfast.

  1. Make a big batch of oatmeal. (Consider this healthy overnight slow-cooker recipe). 
  2. Pour the oatmeal into a pan a few inches thick. 
  3. Cover and refrigerate. (Cool it for at least 2-3 hours, or even a few days.) 
  4. Heat a pan over high heat, spray with nonstick spray or butter. 
  5. Cut oatmeal to the size of the desired serving. 
  6. Sear both sides of the oatmeal square - it takes a while because of all the liquid. 
  7. Choose your toppings and enjoy!
What other healthy foods can you cook differently to mix it up?

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