Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tai Chi Tuesday: The Science of Elastic Force

I have attended dozens of workshops, seminars, classes and symposiums in my life, but only three have changed my life. The Science of Elastic Force, with Sifu Mark Rasmus, is one of them.

There are always new techniques to learn and tricks of the trade, but Mark Rasmus does his best to increase the overall skill level of his students — and succeeds.

The Science of Elastic Force is the elastic properties, magnetic properties and electrical properties of the human body. Once this is examined, we can take these forces and manipulate them on an opponent. Creating tidal waves of force, supplied by ripples of force from our opponent.

Sifu Mark Rasmus not only has great skill, but he is able to teach this skill in a limited amount of time. Perfecting this skill normally takes years — but after this two-day seminar, I feel like I got a pretty good handle on it.

Check out some of Sifu Mark Rasmus' videos on YouTube.

I also would like to thank everyone who attended the seminar because I enjoyed practicing with them. I just wish I was able to work with every person in attendance.

I also learned an important tidbit: eight or nine hours of Tai Chi a day is about my limit.

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